Embrace God’s mission in the world

The church motto is ‘Serving God Serving the Community’ but it is not just an advertising tag line on our logo, rather it reflects our core conviction that God has called the church to a mission, to build the Kingdom of God in our community and worldwide. As a gathered community of disciples we are to bring a foretaste and demonstration of the kingdom of God here and now. As followers of Jesus we seek to follow his example of sacrificial self-giving to others and we express that in a variety of ways:

  • We have opened up our building as a community resource to community groups and organisations such as the Denny & District Community Council, the NHS, Aberlour Early Years, Roots, AA and many others.
  • We collect food for the Roots food bank helping those in desperate need
  • We participate in and volunteer at community events such as the local Gala day
  • We support the overseas mission and aid work of the Baptist Missionary Society
  • Individual members are constantly encouraged to serve family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and strangers in any way and every way that they can.